Ed&Wolf – About the game

Before the Christmas-themed posts, let me tell you a bit more about this game. Not too much, I would like to keep the story in secret until the very last moment. Let’s see the brief description of this dark and mystical game: As every night Ed&Wolf are having an adventurous journey through their garden and house to gather crystals, it seemed an obvious solution to create a tile-laying game to show how the hidden corners are revealed one by one. Each player has a time card deck to manage their own time to achieve their goals. Every movement costs time but crossing the obstacles costs much more! I don’t know how innovative an idea it is, but I am so proud of it. It also makes the game exciting (= cruel) that (at least) one of the players has to reach Ed’s room until the time cards run out. The player who succeeds gets extra victory points. There are very special objects to help Ed and Wolf during their night rush. All funny stuff, invented by a child’s fantasy. I do hope you will like this game!