Agents – The Mission is Completed

Do you know Cluedo? Ok, it was a rhetorical question, everybody knows Cluedo…I like that game too because it covers everything you can expect from a detective game. Simple to follow (still exciting), and keeps all the players busy with lots of interaction and mystery. I have tried several other detective games but Cluedo is far the best. I don’t like browsing an attached brochure for the clues or reading tons of fully typed cards. In our case it is a strict requirement: we can not have separate editions for all the languages, so this fact excludes all the 'different scenery' solutions mentioned above. I had to keep it simple, interactive, variable, and fun. Who knows for sure what is fun in a game when you played hundred times again and again? You know what? If a game swipes you off your feet even when you think that you are totally fed up with it: IT IS A GOOD GAME THEN! I am extremely proud of the Agents, surely, I invented something GREAT this time. (better than Cluedo ...maybe?) All above this, the appearance and the fun factor are balanced. The design is completed, here comes the unpredictable part: the production. I do hope to get the first copy in September and a couple of days later you too can have your own piece. :-)