Doll DIY • Baba DIY

The dolls have suffered from neglect over the last year, so I tried to recompense them now with these self-made tulle skirts. Dark, long winter mornings are ideal for DIY, but not good enough for photography. My step by step photos are therefore terrible, just like the tops on the dolls, so I won’t share a close-up photo with you and not even a picture of their backside. To be honest: I had to use most of the tools from my office desk to fix them. :-D I can't sew ... but since I did not need to sew these skirts, both of them are perfect! I found the idea on a blog long-long time ago, at the end of that period, when Bojana wanted to be a princess. Sadly this info came late enough to save me from investing lots of money into perfect and fully decorated skirts made by professional seamstresses. But finally, I could use this smart trick in this project. Whether you are making this model for your little girl or your doll, I hope you will have fun! Good luck!

Technical details (doll si…

Annual Report • Évzáró

I made an interesting discovery today: the Kingdom will not be ready if I do not work on it. :-P Life is like a board game, but much less fair. Especially in time schedules. The streets have been decorated with Christmas lights weeks ago, people are walking by with beautifully wrapped presents and I haven't even started the preparations! I am troubled with designing the Kingdom game. I loved so much the games we published this year that it is a real challenge to focus on a new one. The hipe of the sidetracked ideas and sketches grows continuously. I used to do a better job in the past, but I might have taken fewer duties. I must be crazy to start designing a new game in the holiday shopping season, but I am still chasing romantic dreams of Christmas just like a child. I don't have too many reasons for it, something has always overshadowed the holiday in the past four years, but I always try to do my best, well..., far be it from me to stand in the way of the success! Now I am…

The Bookshop • A könyvesbolt

I've been looking for the right place to photograph the Mysterious Library for a long time. There are many amazing libraries in the world, but I could hardly find anywhere photographing would be allowed. Fortunately, the best solution was just around the corner. Every Saturday, going to the market I pass by an antique bookstore. Every time I stop to do some window shopping. I don’t know, how could I forget it? …but this memory seemed to be deleted from my mind and only the rainy, foggy weather could recall it yesterday. I decided to ask permission and I got it! A thousand thanks to Klikspaan for allowing me to make my crazy idea to come true! :-)
Régóta keresem a megfelelő helyszínt a Mysterious Library lefotózásához. Sok elképesztően gyönyörű könyvtár van a világon, de ezek persze földi halandók számára nem hozzáférhetőek. A legjobb megoldást persze az ember akkor sem veszi észre ha átesik rajta. Minden szombaton piacra menet megbámultam a sarki antik könyvesbolt kirakatát. De úg…

freezing cold • fagy

It's freezing cold outside.... I thought it would be a heart-warming idea to share a couple of new pictures with you from the game I am working on. / Ha már ilyen hideg van, gondoltam megosztom veletek a készülő játékunk néhány részletét. :-)

Doggy weekend • Kutyás hétvége

Our last weekend was dedicated to our Dogs&Homes game. We had a fantastic time with it and with our two dogs (Dana and Janka) around. Janka is almost seventeen and she could not be photographed. Although she is almost blind and totally deaf, she knows exactly when I intend to shoot a picture. She blinks, yawns or shakes her head always in the worst moment. Fortunately, Dana is different. She is a real diva: she can pose anytime, anywhere, because she knows she is beautiful. What is an advantage in photography is not good for her training process. She is extremely intelligent and knows exactly what she can(not) afford to do in certain situations. Unfortunately, she loves to mix up these occasions. There are only a few things she is not allowed to do, but she always wants to be sure if these rules are still valid or not. She has her own opinion, she talks back and loves herself deeply. All these things make our life funny and adventurous with her. Although we enjoy her ups and down…

Kingdom - The Beginning • Királyság - a kezdet

The newly released Marbushka games had big success this year. In our family, no other games are chosen when we have time to play. Unfortunately, there are less Marbushka games than winter days, so Bojana begged for me to design a new one for Christmas. She longed for a mysterious, exciting game with long playing time (never-ending if possible). Although I still kept the atmosphere of River and Glasshouse in my mind, I started to work right away. The essence of the tale is ready by now, but the rules of the game will certainly change a couple of details. After a short hesitation on the stereotypes (dragon, knight, castle and so on) finally, I had a much more original idea. A tale of a perfect kingdom formed in my mind, where chaos and hate never existed, and the evil (whose character has not decided yet) could only get the kingdom by stealing people's memories and even the ruler will not remember who s/he really is. So the story is about this ruler and his/her loyal friends who ar…