Nostalgia • Nosztalgia

When I found these pictures I got sad. We used to play a lot with my daughter, but she had grown up… somehow. It happened too fast… Have fun and enjoy your kids' childhood as long as it takes! ( I made her this dollhouse for Christmas…long ago.)

Amikor megtaláltam ezeket a képeket eléggé elszomorodtam. Eszembe juttaták, hogy mennyit játszottunk Bojkával régen, most pedig tizenöt éves!!! Olyan gyorsan felnőnek... élvezzétek ki amíg tart a gyerekkor! (Ezt a babaházat karácsonyra készítettem neki…. egyszer régen.)

Bugs • Bogárkák

The story of the Bugs started with an old matchbox. I liked its style and knew I wanted to use it for …something. I could have designed one for myself, but it turned out to be a game. :-D One of the most popular in the last five years. :-)

A Bogárkák története egy régi gyufásdobozzal kezdődött. Megtetszett a stílusa és tudtam, hogy fel akarom használni valamire. Tervezhettem volna magamnak egyet, de inkább játék lett belőle. :-D Az egyik legnépszerűbb. Öt éve. :-)

Lost in the Güs' Forest • A Gük erdejében

We accidentally got lost in the forest of Güs last weekend. … And once we were so lucky, we told them the big news: their fluffy bottoms keep warm the first place on our top list this year too! Although they seemed to be more interested in gathering the ingredients for the magic potions, we were really pleased to meet them. :-)

A múlt hétvégén véletlenül a Gük erdejébe tévedtünk. …és ha már ilyen szerencsésen összetalálkoztunk, elújságoltuk nekik a nagy hírt: idén is az ő pelyhes fenekük melegíti tovább a toplistánk első helyét. Bár úgy tűnt jobban érdekli őket a varázsfőzetek hozzávalóinak gyűjtögetése, mi azért nagyon örültünk a találkozásnak. :-)

The Kingdom is continued • A Kingdom folytatódik

Carta Magica was the first game we released last year, and it looks like we're starting the new year with a fantasy game again. The Kingdom was almost ready for Christmas, but unfortunately, I couldn’t go any further with its rule. Both my plans and the holidays were ruined by the infection that our two dogs got before Christmas. We have spent almost 3 weeks down on the square in freezing cold and heavy rain with them while the game had some rest instead of us. ... and what good did this relaxing time to the game! When I could finally meet the Kingdom again in January, I could look at it as if I had not seen it before! Another advantage: I don’t have to start the work from the very beginning this year, but with this inspirational visual stuff, which hopefully finds itself an exciting rule – very soon.

Tavaly a Carta Magica volt az első játék amit kiadtunk és úgy tűnik, idén is fantasy-vel indítjuk az évet. A Kingdom képi világa már karácsonyra összeállt, de a szabállyal sajnos azó…

Christmas • Karácsony

Have you ever recognized, that the chronology works differently in this part of the year? It's hard to believe that another Monday or Wednesday will come after Christmas and life will go on the usual way. The holiday season has just begun, so I should stop worrying about the future. It's time to have fun, be relaxed, enjoy the company of our beloved ones and focus on all the good things what happened this year. Fortunately, Christmas belongs to 2019, because no matter how beautiful 2020 looks like written, I'm afraid of its surprises. Life is fast and cruel, I don’t want to think about the new challenges yet.

Mentioning “challenge” remembered me to inform you: The design of the Kingdom has been finished! Every little detail is done: the board, the figures, cards ... - I just haven’t got the blurriest idea what we're going to play with them, because the rule hasn’t been finished yet. :-D Laszlo is impressed by my “prioritization” and he is always surprised that a serie…

Doll DIY • Baba DIY

The dolls have suffered from neglect over the last year, so I tried to recompense them now with these self-made tulle skirts. Dark, long winter mornings are ideal for DIY, but not good enough for photography. My step by step photos are therefore terrible, just like the tops on the dolls, so I won’t share a close-up photo with you and not even a picture of their backside. To be honest: I had to use most of the tools from my office desk to fix them. :-D I can't sew ... but since I did not need to sew these skirts, both of them are perfect! I found the idea on a blog long-long time ago, at the end of that period, when Bojana wanted to be a princess. Sadly this info came late enough to save me from investing lots of money into perfect and fully decorated skirts made by professional seamstresses. But finally, I could use this smart trick in this project. Whether you are making this model for your little girl or your doll, I hope you will have fun! Good luck!

Technical details (doll si…