Testing The River • Teszteljük a Folyót

The River has reached the final level of the design process. While we were testing the game, the Zen feeling disappeared from the rules thanks to Bojka, who joined me with a helping intention. The very balanced and consolidated story so far took a big turn and came into the rule with a lot of unpredictable and funny elements. It is not surprising, the vacation feeling shines through on every detail of the game. We had a great time, though I don't understand who has made the decision that I always have to lose in the games I designed ?!

A Folyó is elérkezett a tervezés végső stádiumához. A tesztjátékok alatt ő is tarolt, mivel a beharangozott Zen hangulat Bojkának köszönhetően (aki segítő szándékkal csatlakozott hozzám) szép lassan kikopott a szabályból. Az addig igen kiegyensúlyozott és konszolidált történet nagyon hamar a feje tetejére állt és a szabályba kerültek jócskán kiszámíthatatlan és szivatós elemek. A vakáció gondtalan és jótékony hatása a játékon is érződik. Fantasztiku…

Characters for the River • Karakterek a Folyóhoz

So it is decided then: there will be charaters in the River game. - Akkor megállapíthajuk, hogy mégis lesznek karakterek a Folyó című játékunkhoz.

Adventures • Kalandok

I hope Carta Magica does not freak you out! My family goes wild during the game. Yesterday we played with it and my husband was unable to repair his damaged ship for a while due to his gold and repair card shortage. Being the inventor of the game, I was his first target: he started to complain against me. As we tried to deny his hysterical behaviour with my daughter, he offered both of his socks in exchange for the repairing. Since we did not get excited about the sacrifice, so we firmly refused it. I do not understand why he was so upset, I lost again - as I used to. :-D
These pictures were taken earlier, yesterday I had no time to be creative. I had to fight for my life. :-D
The lots of extremely good feedback we got proves that Carta Magica is not just our favourite game!

Remélem nálatok nem szabadít el olyan indulatokat a Carta Magica mint nálunk! Tegnap a férjem nem tudta feldolgozni, hogy arany és megfelelő kártyák híjján nem tudja megjavítani a megfeneklett hajóját. Előbb engem…

Welcome to our garden! • Isten hozott a kertünkben!

With our newly released game, we invite you to our fairy-tale garden, where the seeds grow quickly into beautiful, tall trees if you take care of them. They need lots of sunshine and constant watering to be able to grow. Be careful to always have enough water and find a place for all your seeds, shrubs and trees in the garden before the dark clouds hide the sun away. Exciting tactical game for kids and adults with competitive and cooperative version.

Legújabb játékunkkal egy mesebeli kertbe invitálunk, ahol magok csodálatos gyorsasággal növekednek fává ha szorgalmasan öntözöd őket. De figyelj a Napra, hogy hol jár az égen, mert ültetni nem mindig lehet! Még a tél beállta előtt minden növénynek helyet kell találnod a kertben. Izgalmas taktikai játék kicsiknek és játékos kedvű felnőtteknek versenyzős és kooperatív lehetőséggel.

going on... • folytatás...

Philip Pullman writes in the preface of His Dark Materials: “… if you want to write something perfect, write a haiku. Anything longer is bound to have a few passages that don’t work as well as they might.” That’s how I feel with the illustrations of my new game, although my work cannot be compared with his magnificent art. In spite of my best intentions, there are less successful pieces among the illustrations, but fortunately, they emerge the quality of the better ones even if they are placed beside each other on a line. The best pictures have already been displayed in our studio and my husband insists that we should sell the prints after the game is released. I still have two weeks to find out a brilliant and matching game rule. ...and after, vacation is waiting for us! But…I’ve never been a person that can relax by doing nothing; doing nothing makes me nervous and I immediately start stressing out about all the things I could have been done while I was just sitting around wasting …

Summer • Nyár

We wish very nice weather and relaxing summer holiday for those lucky ones who have finished school! For those who still have a few weeks left, we wish lots of patience and energy until the end!

(Marbushka Summer set)

Azoknak a szerencséseknek, akiknek véget ért már az iskola, nagyon szép nyarat és jó pihenést kívánunk! Akiknek még van pár hét, azoknak kitartást!!!!

(Marbushka Nyári szett)

On the deck again • Újra a fedélzeten

I’ve started to design a new game again, while we were waiting for the printing works of the previous two. The school has ended for many of you, but we have two more weeks left (!), so I will have plenty of time to finish the River. In its present state, it still reminds me of a storybook, but the result will be a long line of 18 cards which could be arranged several different ways depending on the size of the play area. It can be longer or shorter as you wish. The rule is getting slowly outlined in my head by the impressions that my family shared with me. :-)

Egy újabb játékot kezdtem tervezni, míg az előző kettő nyomdai munkáira várunk. A suli sokaknak véget ért, nekünk még két hét van hátra (!) így bőven lesz időm befejezni a Folyót. Jelenlegi állapotában ugyan még mesekönyvre emlékeztet, de a végeredmény egy 18 kártyából álló, tetszőlegesen elrendezhető hosszú csík lesz. A rendelkezésre álló játéktér adottságaitól függően lehet nyújtani vagy kanyargóssá tenni. Lassan a szabály is …