In Halloween mood • Halloween-re hangolva

This time we have started the preparations in time! We also found out which games from our selection would match to Halloween's mood. It seems if we would prepare the games this year just for this occasion: both of our newly released ones (The Ghost and Golden Keys and the Mysterious Library) are “dark” and exciting enough for Halloween night. We won't be bored!

Ezúttal időben elkezdtük a készülődést Halloween-re és átgondoltuk, hogy milyen játékokkal várjuk majd a vendégeinket. Úgy tűnik, mintha ebben az évben csak erre az alkalomra készültünk volna: mindkét idén megjelent játékunk (A szellem és az aranykulcsok és a Mysterious Library) tökéletesen passzol az esemény hangulatához. Nem fogunk unatkozni!

Autumn • Ősz

We spent a fantastic autumn afternoon in the countryside. …and recognized, that the seasons have no characters in the city. When we left behind our busy life we could finally enjoy the colours, the scents, and we did all the things we wanted long ago:

Fantasztikus őszi délutánt töltöttünk vidéken. A városban nincsenek jelen ilyen karakteresen az évszakok, de ezek hiánya mindig csak akkor tudatosul bennünk, ha magunk mögött hagyjuk. Végre kiélveztük a színeket, az illatokat és csupa olyasmit csináltunk, amire sosincs időnk: 

Janka's 2nd edition • Janka másodszor

Janka wants an own jungle. …and how could she manage it? Her story is told on the box-wrapping ribbon around the new, richly illustrated gift box (see below). She visits the botanical garden in her comfortable and pretty new dress. This time you can buy the dress separately too!
If you want to learn more about Janka and her adventures you can download a free pdf from our website.

Janka had heard of special forests before, where the trees reach up to the sky and there are leaves the size of umbrellas in the undergrowth. These stories inspired her, and she often daydreamed about hiding beneath the leaves from the rain or resting in her hammock suspended high in the canopy. After the adventure-filled day, she would fall asleep to the sweet scent of the forest every night, and she would be woken by the song of colourful birds. Now, she was tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep because she knew that if she looked out the window, all she would see is grey buildings, not sky-high trees,…

The Mysterious Library - Out now! • A titokzatos könyvtár elkészült!

Emma and Janka's grandparents have disappeared. They left behind nothing but an old, windy library, dust and wallpaper scraps in the attic. They disappeared from the library, form the town,… even from the photos. Especially from the one that's hanging above the fireplace.
The Mysterious Library stood in the middle of a busy, noisy town. For some time, though, it has seemed to be invisible. Noone had crossed its entrance door for years. The house and the books were slowly covered by oblivion and dust. The drawers filled with library cards show that there was once sparkling life here. And the newspaper clippings on the wall show that this was ended by an unsuspected and strange event.
The Mysterious Library had a collection of special books. They provided REAL adventures for the readers who became a character of the story. They could train dragons, search for treasures, sail on the Nile, all this for a library fee of a few cents.  The secret society of the library expanded rapi…

Misha and the vintage typewriter • Misha és az öreg írógép

Misha bought a magic typewriter. At first glance, it didn’t seem magical at all, but the merchant said that it was a very unique and special machine, and since he was too old for such adventures, he had to sell it. Misha didn’t really understand what kind of adventures a typewriter could provide, but he didn’t ask, he was just excited to see how it works. At home, however, it turned out that the typewriter was not only not magical, but it didn’t even work properly: it didn’t print the letters that Misha typed in with one finger. Disappointed, he placed the last snow-white sheet into the machine and walked to the window. He turned back when the typewriter made a noise and started to work of its own accord. He was shocked to see a clearly legible, flawless sentence on the paper:
Are you ready for a new adventure?
Misha was always ready for all kinds of adventures, but he wasn’t prepared for witchcraft at all. Terrified, he ran out of the room, and only dared to return a couple of days l…


Yesterday was our 8th birthday! We've almost crossed over to it. I don’t know how could it happen, because 8 seems to be a magical number. When you look at its shape you will find ups and downs and also the infinity ... We have another reason to find it strange: we have just made the 86th barcode yesterday, which means that we had a total of 86 games, dolls, mugs, activity books, etc. in eight years. All of them were made by us. Two persons could create all the things that you see. We deserve a birthday cake! :-D

Tegnap volt a 8.születésnapunk! Majdnem átsiklottunk felette, pedig a nyolcas mágikus szám, ha jobban megnézed. Benne van a “fel” és “le” meg a végtelen is… Van még egy különleges vonatkozása is: most készítettük el a 86. vonalkódot, ami azt jelenti, hogy mi KETTEN nyolc év alatt összesen 86 játékot, babát, bögrét, szinezőt stb. alkottunk meg a férjemmel. Megérdemeljük a tortát! :-D

History of the Dolls • Baba történelem

Creating a doll is a very meditative process. Not only because the accurate way of painting faces develops my breathing technique (a sigh would lead to a rippled brush line), but it is also a great occasion to meditate. This time I was wondering how many heads I have painted already, how many heads and arms were sewn up by me, how many dolls were dressed up, packed carefully, and shipped to their new homes. Despite the big numbers, the latest dolls are treated the same way as the first ones. All above this, I'm telling stories for each one of them. I wanted to share these amusing stories with you, that’s why I have re-designed their box again. In the new releases, the tales can be placed on the box.
Another story was created alongside the dolls’ adventures: the birth and the production of the Marbushka dolls. Of course, it was not a new idea because after a little research work it turned out that I’ve started Emma's story once, moreover I designed a little book about the first …