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Carta Magica is my own magical and healing world, where I’ve spent lots of time alone. Although I have worked out all the tiniest details thoroughly, it came to the end. The finished game was filled with magical objects, fantastic characters and adventures - I wouldn't be able to fit a single leaf more in it. So I introduced the game for my family with the finished graphics and the nearly perfect rule. The presentation was much more successful than I expected. I became smart enough not to rely on their imagination, so I stopped modelling gameplays with using only sketches on paper pieces. It used to work, but unfortunately, those days are over. We have played with too many board games and we got used to perfection so it is not easy to raise our/their attention. From the first moment I introduced the 1.0 version of Carta Magica’s rule, everyone stuck at the table and did not dare to leave the spot for a moment to miss any important detail. Everybody was worried about the others wo…

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For a long time, I was wondering which is our most popular game? ...and that’s why I came into the idea for this post.

When Marbushka started off, we were updated about the sellings in every hour of a day. We had no chance for this overview a long ago, or if we tried to make a calculation on the next day everything turned upside down. We left summarizing for a while and just "felt" what is going on. But now, we had a couple of quiet hours during this weekend to sit down, look at the games, the pictures, the blog and also the stock – this time not critically but just as we did before: feeling a little proud and happy of our work. It was a big surprise to us that… (drum roll, please!) The Wonderful World of Güs is the best seller! I should have known that regarding the plenty of your photos on the Instagram of it and all the feedback we have received! Many of you wrote that you love the humour and the diversity of the game and you never had the same challenge twice. You were …

Working on... • Folytatás...

I have invented a new working method: I began to develop the gameplay and the graphics in parallel. The very detailed and exacting process is not boring anymore if I have no idea about the ending of the story! Every phase holds new surprises and it becomes a real adventure to work on it. The location, the objects, the characters are alive and they all form each other and also the game rules. It’s a little bit less effort to create magical objects for the game, the character design takes more time. Just like my daughter, I started to prefer diplomatic solutions in the game, so the warrior characters (which were made earlier) are removed from the story.

I also try to minimalize those actions that require hard strategic thinking, due to our bad experiences with four new very serious games that we bought for Christmas. We still aren’t sure if one of our working days is more difficult or playing with the game(s). We have also had doubt if they worth that much effort regarding the amount o…

Carta Magica

I rather started the New Year in another world. In an imaginary past, instead of these grey winter days, I am wandering around the world of eternal youth, trough unexplored islands to find treasures, meet heroes and mythical monsters. In a world where the good always wins, there is no death and everything could happen without harm. I created a map for you to follow me. A magical one to guide you through the adventures of the unknown world. With this first “sketch” new game has started.

To the memory of my beloved father.

Az új évet inkább egy másik világban kezdtem el. Ezeken a szürke téli napokon egy képzelt múltban kalandozom az örök ifjúság világában, felderítetlen szigeteken kincsek, hősök és mítikus szörnyek közt. Egy olyan világban, ahol a jó mindig győz, nincs elmúlás és nincs lehetelen. Ezzel a térképpel elkezdődött egy új játék, hogy ti is beléphessetek majd ebbe a világba és részesei lehessetek a kalandoknak.

Édesapám emlékére.

An Imaginary Christmas • Képzeletbeli karácsony

Christmas lights seem to like blending with office lights. The morning, the afternoon and the evenings are melting away in this strange winter darkness. Time is liquid, everything is infinite. In the background, the voice of the arrival of e-mails is constant and monotonous like rain outside but is much cheerful. There is only a week left. Ljubljana, Prague, Madrid, Edinborough, Moscow, Paris ... words flash on the screen and it is difficult to realize how far the Marbushka games will travel. It's unbelievable that how many of you keep us in your minds and how many children and adults this year will find Marbushka game under the Christmas tree. Surely I’m much more excited than they are! The year is about to end, but it's hard to say good-bye. Somehow, this was how Cinderella felt when she had to leave the ball at midnight. We can not be around every Christmas tree to see the happy faces, but how good it would be! I imagined the scene, here you can see in my pictures.
It is d…