Selection • Válogatás

Everybody has a favourite river tile combination in our family. In my turn, I always put these pictures beside each other: :-) (River game)

A családban mindenkinek vannak kedvenc összetartozó képei a River játékban. Ha én rakom ki a folyót ezek a lapkák mindig egymás mellé kerülnek: (A játék itt elérhető)

River • Folyó

Our newly released game invites you to an expedition on the River. Many unknown creatures are hiding in the water and on the bank. The explorers need proper equipment and lots of luck to discover them. The race is hard for success, but the honour is for the one who publishes the most outstanding results at the end of the expedition. A funny and exciting game is waiting for you with surprising discoveries. From 6yrs and up.

Legújabb játékunk kalandos expedícióra hív a Folyón. Sok ismeretlen életforma vár felfedezésre a parton és a vízben egyaránt. A megfelelő felszerelés mellé rengeteg szerencse is kell a sikerhez. A dicsőség azonban csak azé lesz, aki a legkülönösebb eredményeket publikálja az út végén. Vidám és fordulatos játék meglepő felfedezésekkel. Hatéves kortól… és még azon is túl!

Waiting... • Várunk...

Our new board game, the River could arrive at any moment. As usual, we are the last to see the final product. Of course, we see everything in photos and through the camera in the office, but the feeling of touching it (finally!) cannot be described. It's like Christmas or the first date. But no matter how romantic it may sound, none of them is devoted to success. (Fingers crossed) I look forward to this game a lot because my personal history emerges out from its graphics, every tile of the River is a memory of yesterday or 25 yrs earlier. Because everything inspires me and leaves a mark on my work – whether I want it or not.

I discovered that games have many other parallels to life. Certain abilities are fixed in both, and you have to manage to use/combine all of them in the best way to achieve your goal. But as long as our abilities, defects and the goal are clear in games, there is at least one of these three in real life that we can't quite be sure of. With this thought in…

Coming (very) soon... • Hamarosan kapható!


Night fairies • Éjtündérek

With the night fairies, we wish you goodnight and sweet dreams! / Az éjtündérekkel kívánunk nektek jó éjszakát és szép álmokat!

Back to School • Vissza az iskolába

…so it has begun. We wish good luck for the new school year! / …hát elkezdődött. Sok sikert kívánunk az új tanévhez!