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Emma's Camera • Emma fényképezőgépe

"Emma must have some kind of special camera!" they say. "Maybe it's the lens... or does she use some kind of filter?" they wonder. But there is one thing everyone agrees on: whatever she takes a picture of, it turns out very exciting and interesting on the photos. If anyone else were to look at a chair or a tree, they wouldn't see anything special about it. Emma just takes a snapshot – and the objects, people and places on the picture reveal their secrets. As if they knew that Emma will spot their most beautiful qualities: all living and inanimate things open up for her. And Emma is constantly taking photographs, every day, everywhere. She pins the pictures onto lampposts, places them in mailboxes, or sometimes she just leaves a few behind on the bus. ...and the people, when they find it, let out a great sigh: "How wonderful it must be for her! She has a fortunate life!" and they rush on with their busy lives. If they looked closer at the picture…

One Day on the Planet of Summer • Egy nap a nyár bolygóján

No matter how long the summer was, always a terrible feeling when it's over. Today is the first really cold day, so this is enough for me to bring back the memory of the warm days. Especially this one: we had a wonderful afternoon on the beach and I almost forgot how wonderful time we had and how good pictures were taken there of my family and the Space Pirates. I do not know why we've chosen this game, it has nothing to do with water, but it seems obvious by now. I almost forgot how cool this game is.

Lehet bármilyen hosszú a nyár, mindig rémes érzés, amikor vége lesz. Ma van először igazán hideg, ez pont elég ahhoz, hogy visszacsalogassa a meleg napok emlékét. Főleg ez az egy volt különleges: egy csodás délutánt töltöttünk a parton és el is felejtettem, hogy milyen jó képek készültek az Űrkalózokról. Nem tudom, miért ezt a játékot választottuk, semmi köze a vízhez, de most olyan természetesnek tűnik, hogy ott van. Majdnem el is felejtettem, milyen klassz játék is ez.

In Halloween mood • Halloween-re hangolva

This time we have started the preparations in time! We also found out which games from our selection would match to Halloween's mood. It seems if we would prepare the games this year just for this occasion: both of our newly released ones (The Ghost and Golden Keys and the Mysterious Library) are “dark” and exciting enough for Halloween night. We won't be bored!

Ezúttal időben elkezdtük a készülődést Halloween-re és átgondoltuk, hogy milyen játékokkal várjuk majd a vendégeinket. Úgy tűnik, mintha ebben az évben csak erre az alkalomra készültünk volna: mindkét idén megjelent játékunk (A szellem és az aranykulcsok és a Mysterious Library) tökéletesen passzol az esemény hangulatához. Nem fogunk unatkozni!

Autumn • Ősz

We spent a fantastic autumn afternoon in the countryside. …and recognized, that the seasons have no characters in the city. When we left behind our busy life we could finally enjoy the colours, the scents, and we did all the things we wanted long ago:

Fantasztikus őszi délutánt töltöttünk vidéken. A városban nincsenek jelen ilyen karakteresen az évszakok, de ezek hiánya mindig csak akkor tudatosul bennünk, ha magunk mögött hagyjuk. Végre kiélveztük a színeket, az illatokat és csupa olyasmit csináltunk, amire sosincs időnk: 

Janka's 2nd edition • Janka másodszor

Janka wants an own jungle. …and how could she manage it? Her story is told on the box-wrapping ribbon around the new, richly illustrated gift box (see below). She visits the botanical garden in her comfortable and pretty new dress. This time you can buy the dress separately too!
If you want to learn more about Janka and her adventures you can download a free pdf from our website.

Janka had heard of special forests before, where the trees reach up to the sky and there are leaves the size of umbrellas in the undergrowth. These stories inspired her, and she often daydreamed about hiding beneath the leaves from the rain or resting in her hammock suspended high in the canopy. After the adventure-filled day, she would fall asleep to the sweet scent of the forest every night, and she would be woken by the song of colourful birds. Now, she was tossing and turning, unable to fall asleep because she knew that if she looked out the window, all she would see is grey buildings, not sky-high trees,…