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Janka's third edition • Janka harmadik kiadása

Janka dreamed of a special vacation. She browsed the advertisements: "Boring, boring, ...they're all boring!" she muttered. She searched for weeks until she found one that finally caught her interest. It read: "A trip to ancient Egypt? Or a vacation in the court of the Sun King? You can have both! Come to stay with us, we guarantee your comfort in any era!" Janka knew that this was the one! ...and she started packing right away. From the outside, the hotel seemed completely normal, and nothing extraordinary happened until they led her to her room. She found it a bit strange that they didn't ask her what kind of view, bed, bathroom, etc. she would like... but she thought she could say something later if she found she was displeased with the room.
When the door to the room opened, she already knew there would be no problem. Each time the door opened, she found a different view. She was greeted by the most exquisite accessories and most comfortable furniture …

Autumn Baroque • Őszi barokk

Autumn coloured baroque board game. The Frog Prince :-) / Őszi színekben pompázó barokk társasjáték. A békaherceg. :-)