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An Imaginary Christmas • Képzeletbeli karácsony

Christmas lights seem to like blending with office lights. The morning, the afternoon and the evenings are melting away in this strange winter darkness. Time is liquid, everything is infinite. In the background, the voice of the arrival of e-mails is constant and monotonous like rain outside but is much cheerful. There is only a week left. Ljubljana, Prague, Madrid, Edinborough, Moscow, Paris ... words flash on the screen and it is difficult to realize how far the Marbushka games will travel. It's unbelievable that how many of you keep us in your minds and how many children and adults this year will find Marbushka game under the Christmas tree. Surely I’m much more excited than they are! The year is about to end, but it's hard to say good-bye. Somehow, this was how Cinderella felt when she had to leave the ball at midnight. We can not be around every Christmas tree to see the happy faces, but how good it would be! I imagined the scene, here you can see in my pictures.
It is d…