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Easter • Húsvét

With this funny little company, we would like to wish you a wonderful spring and Happy Easter! With love, Marbushka

Ezzel a vidám kis (asztal)társasággal szeretnénk szép tavaszt és vidám  Húsvétot kívánni mindenkinek! Szeretettel, Marbushka

In the Garden • A kertben

A new game is in progress! It’s theme, it’s style, even the way of colouring evokes childhood for me. It's not surprising that childhood is in my focus if somebody (me) is browsing old photo albums all the time. When I was looking at the early pictures of my daughter, the feeling of being a mother of a small child returned. Those were endless times, the games reached into infinity.
The garden was the main motive throughout our life, but it had an additional meaning when Bojana was playing there. She was seeking wonder on a couple of square meters of grassy land surrounded our house and she succeeded every time. In this game, I try to build a beautiful garden, "think" again in 3D and try to create unique gameplay for little ones based on our adventures in the garden.

Új játék van készülőben! A témája, a stílusa, még a színezés módja is a gyerekkort idézi (konkrétan Bojka gyerekkorát), ami gyakran feldereng mostanában a régi fényképalbumok böngészése kapcsán. A képeket néz…